Managing Conflict During (and After) Non-profit Mergers and Collaborations

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Southwest Florida Library Network
Web Based Training

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In today’s environment, many non-profits are called on to strategically collaborate, or merge, in order to continue to fulfill their mission, serve their clients and have an even greater impact. While these collaborations and mergers can be in the best interest of a non-profit’s fiscal health and ability to thrive, they can spark conflict, tension and misunderstanding among staff, board and constituents. Takeaways: -The top three causes of conflict during mergers/collaborations and how to avoid them -How to manage conflict to surface deeper issues, concerns and understanding -A step by step process for successfully manage the three C’s of collaboration and merger: communication, conflict and culture
Event Type(s): Online
Presenter: Claudette Rowley
Chris Slater
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